Share your Go-Game-Records

Guidelines: Beta version

What is

igoppy is a community of the Go-players sharing and discussing their games. You can upload your game records and comment on the games. Let’s have fun playing Go together.

  1. Share your games worldwide.
  2. Discuss the games with your friends.
  3. Follow your favorite accounts.
  4. You can upload the game records and configure them to open to the public or only private friends. You can share the data within a team.
  5. Subscribe the premium article (optional, not determined).

Upload your game records

  1. Create an igoppy Accout
  2. Generate SGF file at Local (via your computer). KGS, FoxGo-server and so on are compatible with SGF.
  3. Log-in, then upload the SGF file.

This service is Beta version, please help us test

Please give this a try and let me know any feedback or bug reports, thanks!

Nakatani Shinji



Author: Nakatani Shinji

Living in Tokyo, Japan. Started playing Go 2002.

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