Meijin best-of-seven competition 2017, Match1, Iyama Yuta vs Takao Shinji.

  • Nakatani Shinji
  • Posted August 31, 2017
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Iyama Yuta lost the first match of 42nd Meijin best-of-seven competition. Takao gets one step closer to the defense of his title. The second match will be held on October 12th-13th.

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Major title schedule in 2017 Japan

  • Nakatani Shinji
  • Posted August 13, 2017
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August 2017 30-31 Meijin best-of-seven competition, Round1, Iyama Yuta vs Takao Shinji. We wonder if Iyama accomplish the career grand slam of pro seven major tournaments for the second time in his life. Once Iyama careered grand slam in 2016,…

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The seven major titles of professional Go tournaments in Japan

  • Nakatani Shinji
  • Posted August 08, 2017
  • 3

As of August 8, 2017, there are the seven major titles of professional Go tournaments in Japan. Kisei Sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper. JPY45,000,000 / USD409,090 prize-money. The current title holder is Iyama Yuta. Meijin Sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper….

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Share your Go-Game-Records

  • Nakatani Shinji
  • Posted May 10, 2017
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Guidelines: Beta version What is igoppy is a community of the Go-players sharing and discussing their games. You can upload your game records and comment on the games. Let’s have fun playing Go together. Share your games worldwide….

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    AlphaGo played games as Magist and Master on the Internet between 2016-12-29 and 2017-01-05. This collection consists of 60 games which all AlphaGo won.

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Recent Records

# Black player White player Result Event Game date uploader
Master 9p Huang Yunsong 6p B+R 2017-01-04 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Nie Weiping P9p B+7.5 2017-01-04 Master_2017_60games
Chen Yaoye 9p Master 9p W+1.5 2017-01-04 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Tan Xiao 7p B+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Park Jung-hwan 9p Master 9p W+1.5 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Weon Seong-jin 9p Master 9p W+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Ke Jie 9p Master 9p W+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Kim Ji-seok 9p Master 9p W+R 2017-01-02 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Yang Dingxin 5p B+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Kang Dong-yun 9p B+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
An Sung-joon 9p Master 9p W+2.5 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Shi Yue 9p B+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Lian Xiao 7p Master 9p W+R 2017-01-03 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Park Yeong-hun 9p B+R 2017-01-02 Master_2017_60games
Master 9p Tuo Jiaxi 9p B+R 2017-01-02 Master_2017_60games